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Improve your learners’ spoken language skills through our AI based speech analysis

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What we do

Novo develops a proprietary ASR algorithm that is specifically capable of detecting what has been said and how it has been said. This empowers learners to speak more confidentally, fluently, and even accent-free. The Novo ASR is also applicable for learning how to read through pronunciation assessment.


  • Multiple languages: English, Dutch, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish
  • High accuracy
  • Applicable for pronunciation improvement and learning how to read
  • Configurable per level
  • Different types of feedback
  • Pronunciation feedback tailored to learner level
  • Research based from Radboud CLST

Interactive learning

Cater to different learning styles

Increased motivation

Help learners speak and read confidently

Improve learning outcomes

Give learners detailed feedback on their pronunciation

State of the art Rest/WS API

Technical properties

  • always available
  • secure
  • cloud based
  • high quality
  • direct feedback
  • multi region

Integration Options

  • Fully documented (openAPI)
  • plugins for popular e-learning environments (Moodle/Wordpress/etc) and even plain HTML pages
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Case Study

Proven growth of English competencies among Indonesian university students
Official research & training partner
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Loved by Learners
“I could not be more grateful, I am happy to be part of Novo”
Astria Nur Fauziah
Astria Nur Fauziah
Universitas Negeri Semarang
“Novo has changed my life effortlessly”
Gabriella Luciano
Gabriella Luciano
Universitas Negeri Manado
"The collaboration between Uitgeverij Deviant and Novo Language combines teaching methods and speech recognition, leading to a unique cooperation and new insights."
Mariska Wiersma
Mariska Wiersma
Uitgeverij Deviant
“I am very happy to learn English through Novo. I can practice many times and improve my speaking, grammar and vocabulary.”
Eva Thu
Eva Thu
De Heus - Finance Department