Content Blocks


Text blocks support basic styling such as headers, paragraphs and lists. For language courses, if you want your learners to be able to see the translation, select the translation language from the dropdown list in the top-right corner and enter the translation.

The translate button will only appear if the user’s language is the same as the translation language and translations have been added for that language.

Image, Video & Audio

To use images, videos and audio in your activity, choose on of the respective block types. You can either choose to upload a new file, or pick one from the files already uploaded. To upload a new file, go to the 'Upload' tab and drag the file on the screen. You can upload files up to 75MB. The following file formats are supported:

Media type Supported formats
Image PNG, JPG, SVG, (animated) GIF
Video MP4 with H.264 video and MP3/AAC audio
Audio MP3, OGG

Before uploading a PNG, JPG or GIF file, you'll first have to crop it to a square or widescreen ratio. You can do this by using the handles to move and scale the cropped part of the image. Once you are satisfied with the result, click Upload. After the upload is finished you can apply a filter to the image in the Image Settings tab.

If you want audio or video to start playing automatically when the learner gets to the slide, switch on Autoplay in the Settings tab.

All uploaded media can be reused in other activities and courses.


Only use media that you are legally allowed to use.

Image Avatar


Image avatar blocks are a special type of image block which can be used to display people or characters with a text balloon. We have alredy prepared a few avatars for you, but you can also upload your own. After uploading or choosing an avatar, go to the Settings tab to enter the text that should be displayed in the text balloon. Like text blocks, you can also enter translations.