Learning Track Templates

A Learning Track Template lets you make a blueprint or template of a training program or learning track. After creating and publishing a learning track template it can be used to assign a learning track to an individual learner or a class of learners.

A learning track consists of one or more assignments. Each assignment has:

  • A name
  • Content: one or more courses and/or activities,
  • A start date after which the assignment is accessible for the learner, and
  • A due date (optional) before which the assignment needs to be finished.

When creating a template of a learning track, you will not use absolute dates (e.g. March 5th), but relative dates (e.g. Day 1). This enables you to start the learning track template at any date after which the relative dates will be converted to absolute dates.

Creating a template

Within the Content area, click on Learning Track Templates in the sidemenu on the left. Then click on Create and fill in the name of your template.

After creating the template, you can add assignments to it. Click the Add assignment button to add your first assignment. Give the assignment a name, start day and optionally a due day. A due day can be chosen after clicking Enable due date.


You can add content to the assignment by clicking Select content. An overview of your published content and the content that has been shared with you will now pop up. Mark the items that you want to use in the assignment and click Select to add them. You can now add the assignment by clicking Save.

A list of all assignments in the track template is shown on the left hand side. When you click on an assignment, its details are shown on the right. In this window you can make changes to the assignment or remove it.

Don't forget to click 'Save changes' to save your learning track template

Publishing a template

If you're happy with your learning track template you can publish it so it can be assigned to your learners or shared with other accounts. Within the learning track templates overview, click the more_vert button and choose Publish.

Copying a template

Within the learning track templates overview, click the more_vert button and choose Make editable copy.

Renaming a template

When you're editing the assignments of a learning track template, you can rename it by clicking on the last breadcrumb and choosing Rename. The learning track template name can then be changed in the dialog window.

Removing a template

You can remove a template by clicking the more_vert button and choosing Remove.

A learning track template can only be removed if it's not published yet.