Connecting your LMS with Novo through LTI

If your LMS supports LTI 1.3 links, you can connect it to the Novo Platform. LTI 1.3 is supported by for example D2L/Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and Sakai.

By using LTI links you give learners and instructors direct access to a Novo class, without the need to create accounts first.

Currently LTI links are only supported in the Novo web version on Chrome (on Windows, Mac and Android), Firefox and Edge.

The general setup workflow consists of 3 steps:

  1. Registering the Novo LTI tool in the LMS
  2. Registering the LMS in the Novo Studio
  3. Creating LTI class access links

The first two steps have to be carried out only once by administrators of both the LMS and Novo. The last step is performed for each Novo class, and can typically be done by instructors themselves.

When creating LTI links to access a class you need its ID. The Novo class ID can be copied from the URL bar when navigating to the class page in the Novo Studio:

Class IDThe class ID is just after /classes/ in the URL. In this case, the ID is UfZgv1jOR1

Novo Tool Registration Information

This is the information that is needed to register the Novo LTI tool in the LMS:

  • URL:
  • LTI version: 1.3
  • Initiation Login URL:
  • Redirection URI:
  • Keyset URL:
  • Public Key (PEM format):

Below you will find more details instructions on how to set up the Novo LTI tool for Brightspace and Moodle.


Tool Registration

  • From the Admin Tools menu, navigate to Manage Extensibility. For any tool to create links, it needs to first be registered. Disabled registrations do not allow users to perform launches or use the tool. When setting up a new tool, D2L recommends to disable it during setup. This allows administrators to create links and configure the tool fully before enabling it.

  • The required fields can be found Novo Tool Information. The Keyset URL is not needed.

  • After registering a tool, a pop-up message confirms your new learning tool details. In the pop-up message there is a View Deployments button, and there you will find the information that is needed to register Brightspace in the Novo Platform.

  • Go to the module in which you want to add the class access link
  • Click on Add existing activities and choose External Learning Tools
  • Click on Manage external learning tools and choose the LTI Advantage tab
  • Click New Link
  • Select the existing Novo Tool deployment
  • Choose a name for the link and enter the url
  • Under Custom Parameters, click Add Custom Parameter and enter the name classId and for the value enter the Novo class id
  • Click Save and close
  • Return to the module, click on Add existing activities and choose External Learning Tools
  • Now choose the link you just created
  • Click on the arrow next to the added link, choose Edit properties in place and check Open as External Resource to make sure the Novo tool is opened fullscreen


Tool Registration

In order to create LTI links, the Novo LTI tool needs to be set up and your Moodle site needs to be registered at Novo. This needs to be done by a Moodle and Novo administrator and only has to be done once.

Configuring the Novo LTI tool in Moodle

  • Login as an administrator on your Moodle site
  • Navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External Tool > Manage Tools, or go directly to https://[YOUR_MOODLE_SITE]/mod/lti/toolconfigure.php
  • Choose Configure a tool manually
  • Fill out the following:
    • Tool name: Novo Tool
    • Tool URL, LTI version, Public key, Initiation Login URL, Redirection URI(s) according to the Novo Tool Information
    • Default Launch Container: New Window
  • Click Save Changes. The tool should now be visible under Tools
  • Click the first icon to view the tool's configuration details and copy this information. You will need it when registering Moodle in the Novo Platform.
  • Go to the course in which you want to add the LTI link
  • Click Add an activity or resource
  • Choose External Tool and click Add
  • Enter a name for the link, such as Access to Novo tool and choose Novo Tool from the preconfigured tool dropdown
  • Click Shown more... and under Custom parameters enter classId=YOUR_NOVO_CLASS_ID
  • Click Save and return to course

Registering the LMS in the Novo Platform

  • Log in into the Novo Studio as an administrator
  • Go to the Group Settings under Account in the group for which you want to register the LMS
  • Click Register LTI Platform and enter the following information (which you received when registering the Novo LTI tool in the LMS):
    • Issuer URL / Platform ID
    • Client ID
    • Deployment ID (optional)
    • OpenID Connect Authorization URL
    • Access Token URL
    • Keyset URL