Publishing & Sharing


Content (activities, courses and learning track templates) can only be assigned to learners or shared with other accounts when it is published. Furthermore, only published activities and courses can be used inside learning track templates.

When an item is published, a non-editable copy is created. Changes can still be made to the original version of the item, and the item needs to be published again to be able to assign the changed version to learners. This ensures that any tracking of learner behaviour remains valid if you make changes to the editable version of the item.

Content menu

You can publish activities and courses by clicking the more_vert button in the folder content overview and choosing Publish. When you make changes and publish the item again, you're asked to indicate what changes you made. To view all published versions of an item, click the more_vert button and choose View publication history. From this window, you can also open the previously published items in the activity manager.


When a content item is published, it can be shared with other accounts. As you can only share published items, which are not editable, the account with which you share the content can view, but not edit the item. However, the account is free to make an editable copy of the shared content.

In order to share items, you click the more_vert button in the folder content overview and choose Share. You then see an overview of the account with which you have shared the item. To share the item with a new account, you'll have to select if from the dropdown menu.