In the Reports section, you can generate and download reports that give you an overview of all users or groups in your account, as well as their learning progress.

Let's learn how to create a report.

Creating a report

On the Reports page, you can set several parameters to get custom insights into user activity.

alt reports-overview

Select User report to create a report that details progress per user.

Select Group report to create a report that details progress per group.

Set a start date under From and an end date under _To_ to define the time period within which you want to measure activity.

Under Filter users, you can choose between Only active users, Only inactive users, or All users.

With Select content, you can select the learning track templates, courses and activities of which you want to see the results.

Tick the box on the right of a track, course, or activity you want to include and confirm your choice with Set filter.

Lastly, you can select the metrics that you want to include in the report by ticking or unticking them. Click on Create report to create your report.

Viewing a report

alt view-report

Use the filter bar to locate a particular learner or group.

Click on one of the column headers to sort the results based on that header.

Click on a result to view it as a bar chart. Click on the bar chart to return to the table view.

You can set how many items you want to view per page on the bottom. Here, you can also navigate to other pages.

Exporting a report

Click on arrow_drop_down to select the format in which you want to export the report, then click on Export to save the report on your local drive.