Welcome to Novo 🎉

You signed up for a Novo account—that's fantastic news! Here's how to dive right in, and use Novo to grow your business.

What is Novo?

With Novo you can design & publish interactive learning experiences, share them with your learners and track how every learner is doing.

The Novo Platform has some key features we know you'll love:

  • Easy and intuitive content design and live preview
  • Mobile-first, responsive design
  • A large number of interactive exercise types
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) enabled exercises with intelligent feedback on pronunciation
  • Quick and easy publishing, sharing and assigning of content
  • Detailed analytics of learner progress

To get the most out of your Novo experience, we made this quickstart guide. We'll walk through creating your first course, publishing it, sharing it with your learners, seeing your course live and viewing learner progress.

First, we'll briefly explain the Novo Platform.

The Novo Platform

The Novo Platform consists of 2 applications: the Novo Studio and the Novo Player.

The Novo Studio is a web application with 4 main areas:

  • Content, where you'll create your own content or view and adapt content that has been shared with you by others.
  • Learning, where you can assign content to learners and view their progress.
  • Account, where you can create and manage user accounts.
  • Support, which you're reading right now 😄

The Novo Player is used by your learners to view and follow the training courses you have assigned to them. It works on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and in most web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).