Setting up your group

Group Accounts

The section Group accounts lets you view and navigate to all group accounts that are part of the account that you are in now. In this section, you can also create a new group account.

example of group accounts page

Click on a group account to navigate to this account.

Click on Add group account to add a group account. Give the account a name and click on Save to create the group account.


Go to Settings to adjust the settings of a group account to fit your needs.

adjusting the settings of a group account

Payment Model let's you set whether learners have to pay when starting a learner track (Pay-per-track) or not (Enterprise).

Active Account Limit lets you set a maximum number of active accounts. It also displays the current number of active accounts.

Video upload limit lets you set the maximum number of videos that can be uploaded. It also displays the current number of uploaded videos.

Click on Add a custom field to add any custom fields that users fill in when they sign up for an account in this group. Fill in a Label and Name, and choose to make it Read-only and Hidden.

Click on Register an LTI Platform to enable LTI integration with an LTI 1.3 platform. Fill in each of the required fields, then click on Save to complete the procedure. Learn more about LTI integration here

Click on Remove Group to remove the group account.

Make sure to remove all subgroups. You can't delete a group account that has one or more subgroups.